Pole Fusion is an innovative Pole, Aerial and Fitness company based in Norfolk since 2003. Pole Fusion is a company that prides itself in educating people that Pole, Aerial and Fitness Classes are all fantastic workouts and are an amazing way to have fun and keep fit in an alternative way to more traditional fitness classes.

Kathy Buller is the founder of Pole Fusion. Kathy is a Fitness Professional and has been in the fitness industry since 1988. She has a vast array of qualifications / experience including being an Advanced Studio Instructor, Advanced Gym Instructor, Personal Trainer, Fitness Consultant, Fitness Tutor, International Pole Sport Federation Judge and Head Judge. She has judged every World Pole Sport Championships since 2013, was President of Pole Sports UK for 3 years and judges National Pole Sport Championships around the world. She also has a Bachelor of Arts Degree and is a very proud mum!

Kathy got bitten by the Pole bug whilst visiting an exhibition in London where Pole Dancers were performing alongside a popular band. After much research and commitment she became a qualified instructor through one of the UK’s leading Pole Academy’s at the time in Birmingham. After 12 - 18 months of teaching pole lessons for the Academy, Kathy decided to then start her own business Pole Fusion closer to home in Norfolk. With her experience in the fitness industry, and with Kathy’s contacts with sport injury specialists and physiotherapists Kathy designed a Pole curriculum which is broken down in to lessons / courses which would be suitable for anyone of reasonable fitness. This is where it all began.

Kathy also has experience in Dance, Choreography, Gymnastics, Theatre Studies, Education, Teaching, Music and Fitness, which combined makes a wonderfully down to earth and experienced teacher, who is extremely passionate about her work.

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