Pole Fusion is a pole, aerial and fitness company that was established by Kathy Buller in 2003 in Norfolk. Kathy is a passionate Fitness Professional and originally wanted to design an innovative fitness class that would be effective on toning participants physiques and improving their cardiovascular fitness as well as improving individuals self confidence and being a huge amount of fun!

As you can imagine in 2003 convincing society that using a Pole in a fitness class was a great idea was extremely difficult as the majority of the UKís population at the time thought a pole class would consist of a long legged, slim woman in platform heels gyrating on a pole in a strip club. However Kathy has been at the forefront of developing and evolving Pole Fitness and Pole Sport in the UK for over a decade. She has been extremely successful in educating society that these types of classes are fitness / sport based and are for anyone who wishes to learn regardless of age, gender or size and that Pole Fusion classes add a new and exciting dimension to fitness for everyone. The classes are highly addictive and highly effective at toning and shaping your body.

Kathy is also passionate about the approach to how using a Pole can be sport based, and is actively involved in promoting Pole as an athletic sport. To find out more about Kathy's involvement in Pole Sport please go to the About Us page.

Over the years Pole Fusion has expanded its timetable to also include other innovative classes such as Aerial Hoop. Aerial hoop (also known as the lyra, aerial ring or cerceau) is a circular steel apparatus (resembling a hula hoop) suspended from the ceiling, on which participants may perform aerial acrobatics. Aerial hoop training uses exercises which use every single muscle in your body. Using gravity and body weight this workout is amazing for physical results!

At Pole Fusion we also teach traditional fitness classes and also classes which support students physical evolvement of flexibility and strength that are required to make improvements on the Pole and Aerial Hoops.

At Pole Fusion we pride ourselves on our classes being innovative, fun and for everyone. Feeling good about oneself is extremely important, and being happy starts on the inside and we strive to ensure all our classes encourage all our participants to feel this way.

About Pole Fusion


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Pole Fusion is an innovative company based in Norfolk, which fuses together an amazing partnership of Pole Dancing and Fitness.  Pole Fusion is a company that has been developed by Kathy Buller who in brief has 18 years in the fitness industry.  She is a Professional Personal Trainer, Studio and Gym instructor, Fitness Tutor and Pole Dance Instructor. Pole dancing in itself is an art, which can be learnt and performed by anyone who wishes to learn regardless of age, sex and size.  Itís no longer a dance form purely for club dancers and strippers, but now a fitness class for everyone, including P.T.A mums, solicitors, doctors, divorcees, and even grandmaís!